About Us

We combine high design with high performance for cleaner air, everywhere.

Our mission

To dramatically improve the indoor air quality in any room, without sacrificing space or style.

Solving a design problem

When interior architects Thomas Brunauer and Fredy Scheucher came up with the idea for OZONOS, they were looking to create a more effective (and, let’s be honest, less ugly) appliance than the kitchen vent hood. The purifier they created did a remarkable job of cleaning the air by producing trace amounts of ozone to neutralize cooking odors, smoke, gas exhaust and aerosolized fats without the need to clean greasy filters and vents.

The evolution of OZONOS

The Austrian designers realized the small, plug-and-play purifier could be used beyond the kitchen. The patented technology is also effective against mold spores, allergens, viruses, germs and VOCs.  

Roland Trettl, a Michelin-starred chef, and Niko Kovac, the coach of Ligue 1 soccer club AS Monaco FC, soon joined the company as partners. OZONOS was named one of Austria’s top five start-ups in 2018.

Sustainably minded tech

OZONOS air purifiers are virtually maintenance-free and produce less waste than many HEPA alternatives because there are no filters to change. We use as much recycled material as possible to manufacture our AC-1 series, including the metal casing, and the product itself is 96 percent recyclable. Our laminate-free cardboard packaging is designed to be easily recycled with inks and plastics that biodegrade.

Welcome to the great indoors.

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