OZONOS for Business

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, boutique, wellness practice or other business, equipping your space with an OZONOS air purifier will reassure your guests and employees that their safety is your priority. Our door decals let your customers know that the space has been equipped with the latest air-purifying technology. Unlike more conventional, bulky air-filtering purifiers, our sleek, European-made units can be wall mounted and are whisper-quiet.

Note that our air purifiers should still be used in tandem with other Covid-19 protocols, including surface cleaning.

Air purifiers for restaurants

OZONOS commercial air purifiers were developed to meet the needs of Michelin-starred chefs, who were looking for a way to eliminate cooking smells and fatty oils in the air.

Use the OZONOS AC-1 Plus* or AC-1 Pro* at close of service for deep cleaning overnight. The AC-1 can run in smaller dining areas (or use multiple units for larger rooms) during service.

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Air purifiers for fitness studios

Because our air purifiers are incredibly effective at fighting odors, they increase consumer confidence that the workout space is well maintained.

Use the AC-1 Pro* in between sessions to create a safer turnover and overnight to deep clean your locker room. The AC-1 is ideal for 24/7 use in smaller locker rooms.

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Air purifiers for hotels and inns

OZONOS has been used in resorts in the Alps to tackle the heavy-duty odors of ski-boot rooms, but is also ideal for use in guest rooms, especially in buildings that may have less up-to-date HVAC systems.

We recommend the Stella ceiling light to improve in-room air quality, and the AC-1 Plus* or AC-1 Pro* between guest stays to clean a standard room in 30 minutes. The AC-1 can be wall mounted in elevators.

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Air purifiers for waiting rooms

As a Class 1 medical device approved by Health Canada, OZONOS air purifiers can enhance indoor air quality in all kinds of settings, including wellness practices like physiotherapists, psychologists, general practitioners and acupuncturists who tend to see patients in small, enclosed spaces.

Use the AC-1 or Stella ceiling light to improve air quality 24/7, while the AC-1 Plus* and AC-1 Pro* can be used between patient visits.

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None of the ongoing cost, waste and hassle associated with filter changes.


Our air purifiers operate at just 37 decibels, so you’ll barely notice they’re on.


Not happy with your purchase? No problem.


We manufacture in Austria with German-made components for superior performance.