Developed in Austria, our air purifiers combine high design with European engineering to neutralize indoor air pollutants.

The science of clean air

Experience our air purifiers and you’ll likely first notice their remarkable ability to reduce odors. This is because they use UV-C light to generate trace amounts of the naturally occurring gas ozone, or O₃, to purify the air. At the molecular level, the third oxygen atom is weakly linked to the other two and will easily bond with other molecules. This process is called oxidization and is particularly effective at neutralizing the organic compounds that cause smells, including toxic VOCs such as paint fumes. Afterward, the oxygen atoms revert to O2 or oxygen. Additionally, the rays of the UV-C light itself can destroy the genome of germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and spores.

Inspired by nature,
grounded in science

You know that clean smell after a thunderstorm or near a waterfall? Fresh outdoor air has similar concentrations of ozone to the levels produced by the OZONOS AC-1: less than .05 parts per million. These concentrations are completely safe and harmless to humans (and pets!). Our air purifiers should not be confused with ozone generators, which use high levels of ozone for water treatment and other forms of sanitation.

Can air purifiers help with Covid-19?

Recent research by Japanese scientists has found that low levels of ozone, such as those generated by our air purifiers, can be effective in reducing the transmission of Covid-19. An independent German laboratory has also confirmed that OZONOS significantly reduces viral loads in test conditions. (Please note that OZONOS is an air purifier, and surface cleaning, hand washing and other precautions are still essential to limit exposure.)


OZONOS air purifiers are certified by Health Canada as Class 1 medical devices and comply with the European EN60335-2-65 standard, which regulates the safety of electric air-cleaning appliances for use in homes, shops, offices and similar settings.

Why choose OZONOS?

  • Filter-free

    A distinct advantage of our technology is that no filter or other maintenance is needed, which means less waste, cost and hassle over the lifespan of the device. Our air purifiers are designed to run for about three years, or 8,000 hours, before you need to replace a single part, the UV-C bulb.


    Our European designers and engineers have created a powerful unit that’s just a bit bigger than a typical Bluetooth speaker, without sacrificing performance.


    Most air purifiers become noticeably noisy when running at full power. OZONOS only has a single setting and runs at a whisper-quiet 37 decibels – quieter than a typical library. 


    Our air purifiers are manufactured in Austria with European components so we can have full control over quality and consistency before they are shipped to you.